Ralph Dunne


Ralph was a working artist for many years, owning an advertising and sign company as well as maintaining an exhibition schedule with fine art and sculpture. Then in 1994, while vacationing in Sweden, he suffered a massive stroke that paralyzed him and destroyed much of his brilliant mind. Today, he has regained most of his thought processes, but he remains paralyzed on his left side. He is left handed. He always painted and drew with his left hand – an additional struggle to overcome.

It took a long time to train his right hand to have enough control of his tools to draw well. He discovered he couldn’t look at the 3-dimensional world and translate objects to a 2-dimensional piece of paper as he did with ease. Using color was confusing. He has not only overcome these obstacles but his art is even better than it was prior to the stroke. Ralph used to call himself a ‘nuts and bolts’ artist – drawing every tiny detail of everything. Today his work still carries that attribute. He was also early into computer art, mastering this new medium since the late 1980s.

After much thought, Ralph decided to focus his art on pen and ink, combined with computer art. The bulk of his new work is wildlife drawings and photography integrated through the use of Photoshop. Each piece is different, each an original work. He has begun to use color again, but most is black and white or sepia tones.

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 Some of the work on this site is 'pre-stroke', of which he has begun to re-invent and incorporate into his new work of 2006.

Ralph is currently collaborating on two books. Please watch for publishing information.